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Introduction to Acousto-optic Modulators


Hello! If you need to learn how to use an acousto-optic modulator (AOM), you’ve come to the right place. Click on the picture (above) or on the link below to download the PDF version of my beginner’s guide to AOMs.

A Beginner’s Guide to Acousto-optic Modulators

For my research, I recently had to learn how to use an AOM, which is basically a vibrating crystal that can be used to deflect or otherwise change the properties of a laser beam. I was unable to find a good one-stop source that explains in simple terms all the basics about how acousto-optic modulators work and how to operate an acousto-optic modulator along with all the necessary accessories, so I decided to make my own guide and share it. If you’re completely new to AOMs, you should find it helpful. It’s for total beginners. And if you need to make a presentation about AOMs, feel free to use material from this one. (Please give me credit, though.)

For best results, view it using the “fit to page” scale. That way, the pseudo-animations that you get by flipping the pages will work. If you find an error, please leave a comment below and I’ll try to fix it.

Thanks to Brian DeSalvo for helping me to understand AOMs. Any inaccuracies in the above document are due to me, not him.