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I like to write. (Obviously.) Below are summaries of the various writing projects I’ve worked on over the years, with links to more detailed lists and descriptions.



1. Stand with Cathy: A Young Couple’s Battle with Cancer – A memoir documenting some incredible things that happened to us during my wife’s battle with cancer, from a generous fundraising campaign mounted by our friends and family to our eviction by a mysterious new landlord who took over our apartment complex while he was out on bail awaiting trial for his wife’s murder. (Profits from sales of this book will be donated to the Komen Foundation.)

2. Scientific Writing for Chinese Researchers 《如何用英语写好科技论文》 – A book for Chinese graduate students who want to publish research papers in English. This is a culmination of my work as an editor at the Institute of Semiconductors, a branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

3. What’s Needed for Effective Education Reform? – An extended essay in which I share some unconventional thoughts about changes I would ideally like to make to our education system.


I’ve written several short stories (who hasn’t?) — some for competitions, some for fundraisers, and some just for the heck of it. The ones that I’m willing to share with the general public can be found here.

Technical Papers and Presentations

As a graduate student in applied physics, I conducted research on the physics of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). I published a paper, made some conference presentations, and wrote my master’s thesis on the topic of fat-water “separation” (or really identification) in MRI.

As an undergraduate, I conducted some basic research in the field of quantum mechanics and worked in a lab building circuits for a laser cooling system that would be used to study Bose-Einstein condensation and other interesting phenomena in clouds of strontium atoms cooled down almost to absolute zero.

Click here to see a complete list of my papers and presentations.


I’m currently working on a memoir about the five years I spent in China (including the story about how I met and married my wife there); a couple of screenplays with my filmmaker friend, Saqib Siddik; and a novel about … uh … a girl who does some stuff. Hopefully, something will come of these projects. Some day.

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