Technical Papers

As a graduate student in applied physics, I conducted research on the physics of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). I published a paper, made some conference presentations, and wrote my master’s thesis on the topic of fat-water “separation” (or really identification) in MRI.

As an undergraduate, I conducted some basic research in the field of quantum mechanics and worked in a lab building circuits for a laser cooling system that would be used to study Bose-Einstein condensation and other interesting phenomena in clouds of strontium atoms cooled down almost to absolute zero.

Below is a list of my papers and presentations.

1. O Rambow, J Hazle, J Clark, J Ma. “Direct Water and Fat Determination in Two-Point Dixon Imaging with Flexible Echo Times.” Med. Phys. 40, 112302 (2013)

2. My master’s thesis, which is also about fat-water separation in MRI.

3. O Rambow, J Ma. “Effects of T2* on the accuracy of two-point Dixon water and fat imaging.” 55th Annual Meeting & Exhibition of American Association of Physicists in Medicine, # 20524 (2013).

4. O Rambow, J Hazle, J Clark, J Ma. “A Geometric Interpretation of Water-Fat Identification in Two-Point Dixon Imaging Without Phase Correction.” Proc. Intl. Soc. Mag. Reson. Med. 21 (2013)

5. K Hwang, O Rambow, E Bayram, J Hazle, J Madewell, Z Slavens, A Vu, J Ma. “Improved Single-Pass Dual Echo Dixon Imaging with Ramp Sampling and Flexible Echo Times.” Proc. Intl. Soc. Mag. Reson. Med. 21 (2013)

6. O Rambow, J Ma, J Clark. “Refined Spectral Model of Fat Enables Better Fat-Water Separation.” Rice Quantum Institute Colloquium 2012.

7. J Sun, O Rambow, Q Si. “Orthogonality Catastrophe in Bose-Einstein Condensates.” 2004

8. O Rambow, J Sun, Q Si. “Orthogonality Catastrophe in Bose-Einstein Condensates.” Rice Quantum Institute Colloquium 2003.

9. O Rambow, T Killian. “Frequency Stabilization System for Laser Cooling of Atomic Strontium.” Rice Quantum Institute Colloquium 2001.

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