Short Stories

Below is a list of short stories I have written, with links to most of them. I expect to add stories to this list relatively frequently (which, for me, means more than once a year).

1. “The Empty Machine” – A little piece of existentialist satire. You might call it pre-apocalyptic.

2.  “A Place in the Sky” – A fantasy short story about a wood elf’s devotion to her disabled husband and their confrontation with an ancient evil spirit. (Written for a fundraiser for Amyloidosis, in honor of Robert Jordan.)

3. “My Lucky Boy” – A short story about a father’s love for his ailing son.

4. “When Aliens Find Us” – A satirical story about the legacy of humanity.

5. “The Judgment of Stan Wellcroft” – A short story about how the richest man in the world confronts God on Judgment Day.

6. “The Window in the Luggage” – A story about an apparently supernatural experience on an airplane.

7. “To Become a God” – A couple of neurotic physicists build a time machine and go back to the distant past in an attempt to set themselves up as gods.

8. “Grandma Takes the Cake” – A silly short story about everything going wrong at a grandmother’s birthday party.

9. “Bobby’s New Word” – An even sillier short story about a little boy’s misconceptions about sex.

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