A Book about Our Journey

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finished writing the final draft of a memoir about my wife’s experience with cancer . . . and other experiences as well, including a crazy dispute with a landlord who would soon be convicted of his wife’s murder. I’m naming the book after the year-long fundraising campaign that helped us raise $65,000 to cover Cathy’s treatment expenses: Stand with Cathy. The above picture is the front cover of the book as it stands now. I’ll give a special prize (not really) to anyone who can explain the play on words with the Chinese character.

The book should be available for purchase in both paperback and electronic formats within about a month. All profits from sales of the book will be donated to a cancer-related charity–probably the Komen Foundation, though I haven’t decided for sure yet. As soon as possible, I will post links to the web site where the book can be ordered from, and I will also post a sample from the book so you can see what it will be like.

I also recently added pages to this blog to showcase interesting words and quotations. Please take a look, and feel free to recommend words or quotations that you think deserve a place on the lists.

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